Dear Tire Guy | September 2020

Dear Porsche friends it's that time yet again for another shameless plug: Happy anniversary to my beautiful wife Tara (who doesn't know I snuck this line in here)!

For real though, here comes another even more shameless plug for a newly released tire that I love: The all-new Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4. This is  the super-car certified all-season tire that's built to last and perform in all seasons. I recently ordered these for my VW and fell in love with them. What makes it so great, you ask?

  1. It's built to last. Maximum performance is typically accompanied by maximum wear rate. Not so with the Pilot Sport All Season 4. It has up to 29% more tread life than leading competitors in its class and carries up to 45k mile or 6 year warranty.
  2. It's built to perform. The Pilot Sport All Season 4 offers the ultimate dry grip, wet grip and even confident light snow traction. It features Michelins Extreme Silica+ compound to grip wet roads. Full-depth 3D interlocking sipes that create thousands of biting edges for enhanced wet and snowy traction. And Michelin's highly specialized Helio+ technology (derived from sunflower oil) that allows the Pilot Sport All Season 4 to stay pliable and grippy, even in freezing temperatures.
  3. It's built by Michelin, so when they say "super-car certified" they mean it. That means crisp, dynamic handling, shorter braking distances, and Y speeds ratings (for those spirited drives). Pair all that with its velour sidewall, and it looks as good as it drives.

The new Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 stands out from the crowd to deliver superior all-season performance in a super-car certified package. Want to elevate your all-season potential? Want a responsive, yet buttery-smooth ride? Ask the Tire Guys at On-Site Tires about availability today! 855-667-4835.

Stay healthy, stay safe and until next month, Drive On!

~The Tire Guy

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