Dear Tire Guy | January 2021

Hello Friends! Welcome to 2021! Or as I like to call this year that just keeps on giving; 2020-2: 2021. Yes it's confusing. No, I'm not changing it. Sorry, I've just been inside so long I forgot how to tell jokes. (Please send me more beer and toilet paper :'''0  ) You know what I didn't forget how to do though? Entertain you with fantastical, strange tire tales. Buckle up kiddos. It's storytime.

Legend has it that once upon a time a lone, brave, and determined consumer, against ALL odds, returned a set of tires to... Nordstrom. That may sound crazy, because yes it is, but is it true? I've scoured the internet looking for that very answer. Details vary based on who you ask, but, alas, here's the story. You decide.

Nordstrom's reputation has been marked by its exceptional customer service and liberal return policy. Essentially, if you could have possibly purchased your return item at Nordstrom it's likely going to be accepted and returned without questions, tags, or receipts. The retailer, however, has never sold tires. Some Alaskan properties though, converted into Nordstroms HAD formerly been tire shops. John Nordstrom (founder) who asserted he had been there and witnessed the exchange noted that "the customer seemed a bit confused but sincere so the Nordstrom salesman gave him his $25 back and thanked him for coming in and invited him back to shop."

According to Nordstrom, the story is true. Nordstrom brother's Blake and Erik both agreed that it was true as well. Regardless of the story's validity, it's widespread circulation and belief is a testimony to the company's outstanding customer service. Tires or no tires, I'll let them keep it.

Does the story hold air? Or do you think if went flat? I'm not entirely convinced, especially since Mr. John Nordstrom passed in 1963, circa. 10 years previous. But it's an interesting piece of tire and retail lore nonetheless. And besides, if it is true, then I'm sitting on a goldmine. Until next month, Drive On!


The Tire Guy


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